Wood County Republican Party

We need your support in electing the best individuals to represent our conservative Texas values from the Court House to the White House

May 28, 2024 Republican Runoff Election:
Voting Locations (early voting starts Monday May 20th)

Runoff candidates are Randy Dunn and Justin Bowring (in randomized ballot-ordering), who are seeking to be the Republican nominee for County Commissioner Precinct 1. This is the Yantis, Alba, Golden, and a portion of Quitman area of the county.

If you have questions please call 903-850-2797.

Republican Party of Texas State Convention

Largest freely attended Political Convention in the World.

Convenes May 23rd, 2024 in San Antonio near the Alamo !

Guests are welcome, delegates were chosen March 23rd at County Convention which we have every two years. We’re sending 32 delegates and 13 alternates. To watch the live streams, go to Convention.TexasGOP.org. We will be choosing the GOP priorities for the 2024-2025 legislative session.

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