2022 Republican Primary Candidates

These candidates are ALL Republicans, you can vote March 1st on the best Republicans to beat the Dems in November.   Early voting at 200 W Bermuda St, Quitman, Feb. 14-25. 

Info is from candidates and the internet -- their names are in ballot-order (randomized) -- Wood County Republican Party does not endorse in primaries, we support all Republicans.

March 1st 2022 Candidate Guide (Texas)

March 1st 2022 Candidate Guide (Local)

You can view the contested statewide races by clicking the (Texas) button above, such as the eight Republicans running to become the GOP nominee for Governor, four Republicans seeking to be the Attorney General nominee, two Republican seeking a seat on the Supreme Court of Texas, etc.  

There is also a (Local) candidates button, if you would like to print out the candidate-guide on Republicans running to be our nominees for State Rep, Wood County DA, Wood County Judge, County Commissioners, etc. -- or just scroll down to see it now. 

2022 Republican Primary Candidates (Local only)

Cole Hefner

Incumbent HD5

Born: 1980, age ~42, in East Texas; raised in Pittsburg TX, now in Mt Pleasant TX

Work: state rep 2016+, insurance 2015, county commissioner 2010, construction 16yrs

Edu.: homeschool, Pittsburg TX

Issue: 100% pro-life; understands the importance of hard work and conservative values

Issue: secure and defend our border; stop all handouts to illegal immigrants

Issue: will reduce government spending for a stronger economy

Issue: defend the second amendment; concealed handgun carrier, lifetime NRA member

Factoid: chamber of commerce, Kiwanis, east Texas council regional review committee

Contact: ColeHefner.com

Dewey Collier

Challenger HD5

Born: 1960, age ~62, in Temple Oklahoma; served in Ft Hood, Ft Sam Houston, & Iraq

Work: real estate 2014+, U.S. Army for 25 years from 1978+ (surgical director / Lt Col.)

Edu.: masters and bachelors in nursing at U. Phoenix; Command General Staff College

Issue: 100% pro-life; stand with Christ, defend Christianity, and all religious freedoms

Issue: pro second amendment; securing and defending our borders; state sovereignty

Issue: pro first amendment protection (big tech); canceling cancel culture

Issue: educate & defend our children in a hostile world; stop progressive curriculum

Factoid: saved two in 1981 chopper crash; meritorious service medal, legion of merit

Contact: Collier4Texas.com

Lucy Hebron


Wood County Judge

Born:  1961, age 60, Abilene TX; military family, lived in Texas & Germany

Work:  Current County Judge; 30 year business lawyer and business owner; adjunct professor

Edu:  Law Degree, Univ. Of Houston; B.A. Hardin Simmons; Rotary Scholar

Issue:  fiscally responsible government; transparency in government; judicial efficiencies/improved court performance

Issue:  county-wide strategic plan and targeted growth; improve technology in government; county-wide broadband

Issue:  champion of rural county values/needs beyond the county borders; pro-small business

Factoid:  Delivered speeches in German as a Rotary Scholar in Germany

Contact:  www.LucyHebron.com

Kevin White


Wood County Judge

Born: 1964, age ~57, fourth generation in Wood County

Work: mayor of Mineola, educator for 30 years (principal of Hawkins High)

Edu: masters and bachelor’s degrees from East Texas State University

Issue: reduce county employee turnover, >25% turnover rate in 2021, costs taxpayers

Issue: cooperative effort to improve infrastructure in county, population is growing

Issue: get struck-off tax properties back on tax rolls, helped with 100+ when mayor

Issue: get more trials scheduled, which helps the DA office get more cases prosecuted

Factoid: has served on seven boards in government/banking/civics, officer on many of those

Contact: facebook.com/pg/Kevin-White-Candidate-for-Wood-County-Judge-103900295470844

Jerry Gaskill incumbent Pct. 2 Commissioner

Born: 1971, age 50 in Dallas, Tx

Work: Wood County, laborer 1992-1993, Wood County Foreman 1993-2003, Wood County Commissioner 2003-present

Education: Graduate Grand Saline High School; 20 years continuing education Texas Association of Counties

Issue: Save tax payers money

Issue: Obeying all state rules as subdivisions are developed

Factoid: Hardworking, hands on, committed, to every job put before me. Kiwanis member, East Texas Council of Government, North East Texas Water Development Board.

Contact:  (903) 850-3203

Sten Langsjoen

Challenger Pct 2 Commissioner

Born: Denver, Colorado 1957

Work: Langsjoen Law Office, Tyler, Texas

Education: BA English UT Austin 1980; JD St. Mary’s San Antonio 1983

Issue: Rural Development

Issue: Maximize Court Resources to Educate and Inform

Issue: Improve County Policies

Issue: Decrease Appearance of Impropriety on Court

Factoid: Wood County Resident since 2008; well versed in contract negotiations and interpretations; owned and managed law firm for 30 years; provided indigent legal representation for Wood County for 14 years.

Contact: [email protected]

Russell Acker

Incumbent Pct. 4


Born: 1958, age ~65, Dallas, TX

Work: Custom Home Builder 30 years, Wood County Environmental Inspector / Subdivision Coordinator 10 years

Elected 2014 Wood County Commissioner Pct 4, Re-elected to second term 2018

ED: 1976 Honors’ Graduate Como-Pickton High School, TEEX Licensing for TCEQ Designated Representative

Issue: Will strive to continue the conservative polices of the commissioners before me that have placed Wood County in the excellent financial position that we are in today.

Factoid: First Pct 4 Commissioner to apply for and receive over 1 million dollars in Tx Dot grant funding that was used solely for Road & Bridge repair in Pct 4

Contact: [email protected]

James Whitehurst

Challenger Pct. 4


Born: 1978, age 43, Grew up in Winnsboro, raised family in Quitman, now in Perryville, TX

Work: tractor mechanic, 20 year employee of the City of Winnsboro road maintenance and now Waste Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator

Edu: Graduate of Winnsboro HS, Class B Waste Water License, Class D Water License, and CSI license

Issue: Improve existing roads in Precinct 4, work with all departments in the county for all citizens

Issue: Provide transparency, save money by doing "in house" repairs and utilize local Wood County vendors/ suppliers

Issue: Communicate effectively with Wood County employees and citizens to ensure the lines of communication are strong

Issue: Be financially conservative and always work for the betterment of the County as a whole; keeping Wood County first

Factoid: Ex vol. fireman for Quitman, Winnsboro, and Perryville; City of Winnsboro Employee of the Year

Contact: [email protected]  , or Facebook Messenger atfacebook.com/JamesWhitehurst4CommissionerP4

Angela Albers


Wood County Judge

Born: 1975, age 47, in Magnolia, Texas; moved to Wood County, Texas in 2006

Work: Elected Wood County Criminal District Attorney 2019; 21-year career prosecutor

Edu: Law degree Baylor University; Bachelor of Arts in English, minor Spanish, Sam Houston State University

Issue: Passionate about the protection of children from violence and sexual assaults

Issue: Seeking Justice in each prosecution; serving the needs and providing available resources for victims

Issue: Working collaboratively with Law enforcement to ensure the successful prosecution of crimes

Issue: Using resources and efficient processes wisely to save taxpayer’s money

Factoid: Christian Conservative Republican; Pro-Life; Mother to twin boys (15) and a daughter (11)

Contact: [email protected]   /   facebook.com/people/Keep-Angela-Albers-DA/100064038904872 

Jim Wheeler


Wood County Judge

Born: 1966 in Texas

Work: former District Attorney in Wood County, lawyer, staff at McClennan County DA

Edu: Law degree from Baylor University

Issued: N/A at time of publication

Contact:  facebook.com/JimWheelerForDA 

Jerry Parker


Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace

Born: 1947; 37 year resident of Wood County and Holly Lake Ranch

Work: Justice of the Peace pct. 3, business owner, Dept. of criminal justice classification officer Angola State Penitentiary, TX dept. of financial services 3 yrs, TX dept. of criminal justice parole division supervisor 28 yrs

Edu/qualifications: BA degree in government/sociology from Southeastern Louisiana University, former Harmony ISD board member, former 10 year member of Wood County Industrial Commission, former member Wood County Appraisal Review Board, City Councilman in St. Francisville, LA

Issue: Character counts. Total honesty, knowledge, compassion for others, and true witness for our Lord are the values I will bring to this office.

Contact:  facebook.com/JPforJP